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About Me

Hey, I'm Roman Francisco. Welcome to my corner of the web. If you're here, you're probably looking for a photographer who can capture more than just smiles—you're looking for someone who can capture vibes. You're in the right place.

Who Am I?

By day, I'm a mainframe programmer, knee-deep in code. By night (and weekends), I'm behind the lens. These worlds aren't as separate as they seem; both require a keen eye for detail and an understanding of nuance. That's what I bring to my photography—technical skill mixed with a modern aesthetic.

What I Do

  • Portrait Photography: I'm not about those forced smiles and awkward poses. I capture you at your best: natural, relaxed, and real.

  • Wedding Photography: Weddings are hectic, but your photos don't have to be. I specialize in capturing authentic moments without turning your big day into a photoshoot.

  • Event Photography: From corporate gigs to private parties, I deliver high-quality, candid shots that encapsulate the event's energy.

Why Work With Me?

I get it; you have choices, so why choose me? Here's the deal—I love what I do and it shows in my work. I'm all about clear communication, professionalism, and delivering killer photos that you'll be stoked to show off.

Let's Chat

Got a project in mind? Let's make it happen. Hit me up to discuss your vision, and let's create something awesome together.

Contact me or send me an email.



Tel: 646.450.4266

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