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About Me


My name is Roman Francisco. I am a photographer, app developer, frustrated saxophone player, father to two girls, husband to Nina.

Always ready to volunteer for the fight against cancer.

I love ice cream. If we can survive on just eating ice cream, I will.

White gray hair is starting to replace the black on my head. One of this days I will just shave them all and just wear a hat.

I grew up in Manila, Philippines and left when I was 25 to work everywhere as a software developer. Current assignment/location NYC/USA.

By the way, I have an identical twin brother (i.e., clone) living in Hawaii. He’s very handsome.

My retirement plan is to go back to the Philippines and live in a Nipa Hut with a hammock beside a rice field.


Please call or email to schedule a meeting so we can meet and discuss your ideas. (646) 450-4266



Tel: 646.450.4266

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